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If you are experiencing any type of issue with your roof, our team at Maryland Roofing Co. is here to help. We understand that even seemingly minor issues can lead to expensive and serious damage to your home. A damaged roof can not only be costly but can severely disrupt your routine. Our goal as your local trusted Annapolis roof repair team is to maintain a healthy and safe roof for your family.

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When to Call for Roof Repairs

Every roof is different, which means each roof can potentially be damaged in different ways. Over time, wear and tear can lead to missing shingles, weak spots, and leaks. There are some signs that indicate an obvious problem with your roof, such as a consistent leak or fallen objects. However, other types of issues may be less obvious. Whatever the situation may be, calling for repair from our Annapolis roofers sooner rather than later is in your best interest to prevent further damage.

You may need repairs if you have noticed:

  • Broken shinglesIf your shingles are broken, cracked, or missing, it’s time for a roof repair. Most shingles last about 20 years, so if it’s been longer than that, you might need to update your roof.

  • Drooping rain gutters – Overtime, rain gutters droop because of backed up water or debris. If you notice this, it can also mean damage to your roof since the gutters will not be able to properly redirect water flow during a storm.
  • Roof sag – Do you notice your roof deck or rafters are sagging? This usually happens when moisture leaks through, causing the roof to sag. This should be repaired immediately to avoid further roof damage.
  • Stains on the ceiling – Do you see water stains on your ceiling after a storm? This could mean a damaged roof is letting water leak through.
  • Higher energy bills – If you noticed your energy bills have increased without anything happening to your HVAC system, it could indicate a problem with your roof. When a roof is damaged, the home’s air escapes causing the heating and cooling unit to work overtime.

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At Maryland Roofing Co., our expert roofers have experience repairing a wide range of roofing systems. Regardless of the size of your roof or what type of home you have, we know how to solve any problem that may be afflicting you. When you choose our Anne Arundel County roof repair experts, you can count on us to perform a thorough inspection before we begin any repairs. We will then explain our findings and make a recommendation based on what we feel your roof needs. Rest assured, we never try to sell you anything or perform unnecessary services – our priority is to ensure that you do what is best for your roof and therefore your family.

You can rely on us to protect your investment. Call today or contact us online to schedule a roof repair in Annapolis or the surrounding areas in Anne Arundel County!

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